If we could sum up this wedding in one phrase, it would have to be, "They kilt it!" Just a little Scottish humor for ya. In all seriousness, the detail that went into Seb and Erin's Scottish/American wedding is unbelievable. Erin wore a veil that had been in Seb's family since the 19th century, and the plaid-game, worn by bridal party and attendees alike, was very strong! Even their wedding invitation looked more official than a U.S. passport! And just wait until you hear Erin's dad's speech. Holy moly. It was something straight out of a Charles Dickens novel! On top of all of that, Seb had everybody in stitches at the reception. Not to give anything away, but Tinder was lucky to have these two on their site. Cheers to the Findlay's!

Second Shooter: Ryan Callahan

Venue: Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Photographer: Meg Hill Photo

Wedding Coordinator: Cricket Elrod

Florist: The Vine

Reception Band: The Plan B Band

Makeup: Judy Crouch

Hair: Xada Baxter

Dress: The Augusta Dress by Austin Scarlett

Decor: Erin Findlay, Lionel Cipriano, and Lane Ngo