There were countless stories that I overheard the day of Bradley and Larkin's wedding that gave me a glimpse into the caring and tenderhearted nature of Bradley. All of those stories can be summed up in his reaction to Larkin walking down the aisle. He cried once she was close enough for him to truly see her, and those tears were quickly followed by laughter. Not like a "haha funny story" laughter, but one that stemmed from a sense of amazement. True joy! Another special moment was when Larkin gave a gift to each one of her bridesmaids and mother. Each received a bracelet with a significant date on it that symbolized a special moment Larkin shared with them. More tears! Not to mention that Larkin and her mom are amazing artists, and handcrafted a lot of the decor at the wedding. Hand-painted signs, hand-stitched cornhole bean bags, and the list goes on.

Cheers to the Smith's!

Second Shooter: Ryan Callahan

Venue: Bethesda Academy

Photographer: Rach Loves Troy

Wedding Planner: Posh Petals and Pearls